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New in 2019

The Museum loves its visitors – and none more than the little ones that attend with their folks, school class, grandparents, or as part of a larger tour. While everyone loves the Museum, there have been times in the past where kids didn’t find the static nature of the displays very exciting.  In an effort to get everyone excited about Reedville and our love of the water, we’ve introduced a new and exciting program!

KidsKorners ~ hands-on interactives for kids of all ages!

Each gallery now has interactive areas where kids can discover the world of Cockrell’s Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. From Try-On Trunks to Find-a-Fish to learning to tie boat knots –  these activities are designed to stimulate everyone’s senses – touching, hearing, learning – what a great way to keep the kids engaged while adults spend time reading the more detailed panels in each of the three galleries: The Reed, the Frayne, and the Watermen’s.Galleries.





Reedville Fishermen's Museum