Boat Sales in 2020


Please consider donating your boat to the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum! Sales of your donated boats are of vital assistance to the Museum

Replace the unpleasant prospect of marketing your boat with the gratifying knowledge that the gift of your boat to the Museum will work for you and your community by strengthening the educational and preservation programs here at the RFM.

The Museum is a fully certified not-for-profit organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  It is funded by gifts and grants from its supporters. A form of support that appeals particularly to some is the donation of a boat to the Museum. Such “in-kind” contributions may offer the donor the advantages of an income tax deduction for the market value of the boat. A donation demands much less of the donor’s time and emotions than the usual brokerage procedure. All types of boats – traditional or modern, work or pleasure, sail or power, wood or other material – are eligible for this program.

The process is relatively simple, involving the exchange of ownership documents. The donated boat will be sold through normal channels or at auction, using the proceeds for museum operation or endowment.

 Boats that are particular examples of traditional designs may be retained in the collection if the limited resources of the Museum are sufficient to maintain them in proper fashion. The Museum retains the right to decline a gift if, in its opinion, the condition of the boat is such that a buyer cannot be located with a reasonable effort.

Note: you may contact the Museum at 804.453.6529 during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm) or email the director at Please leave name, phone and best time to call – due to spammers, we don’t reply to emails directly.  Thanks!

 Boats Currently Available in 2020

Bristol Corsair 24, c1971

The Bristol Corsair has a fixed keel with 3000 pounds of ballast. Draft is 3.5′; length is 24.5′; beam is 8′.  The boat is powered by a 8.5 HP Yamaha in a well; motor starts with first pull.

This vessel comes with a 2019 Auto Tiller and Hummingbird depth sounder and GPS combo. Has a portipotty. The main sail was replaced two years ago and is in very good condition.

Asking $2,500

Bristol Corsair


1974 19′ Cape Dory Typhoon Weekender

All Typhoons are solidly constructed of fiberglass cloth and polyester resin. There is a balsa wood core used in some of the deck areas and cabin top to stiffen the laminate without adding weight. There is a teak toe rail at the deck edge, fastened with stainless steel sheet metal screws, and teak combing around the cockpit. The use of teak is just enough to set off the sheer and result in a conservative, yachty appearance.

Specifications: Length = 18′ 6″. Length at waterline is 13′ 11″; beam is 6′ 3″; ballast is 900 pounds, sail is 155 square feet.

The hull has been cleaned of barnacles.

The engine is a 2008 4 HP 4 stroke Tohatsu – and it runs great!

The cushions and sails appear to be in good condition.

This nice boat sits on a 2008 Road King trailer with extended tongue. The trailer was hit by a falling tree so it does have some damage, but pulls well.

Asking price is $4,500

Cape Dory
another view of the Cape Dory

Reedville Fishermen's Museum