Sponsors for 2019

We are so proud to have received grants or sponsorships from the following folks:

Omega Protein

American Evolution

River Counties Community Foundation

Reedville Steamboat Wharf & Pride of VA

Reedville Market Bar & Grill

Walmart Foundation

F. Covington Foundation

Reedville Marina & Crazy Crab

Dream’s Boutique

Main Street Design

American Legion

Dicks Sporting Goods

Glen Lester Co

Cockrell’s Creek Seafood & Deli

Little River Seafood

Smith Point Marina

Ernie Lewis

RP Waller

Jett’s Marine

Lighthouse Oysters

Virginia Waterfront

Shore Realty

Grandview B&B

Virginia Commonwealth Bank

Atlantic Union Bank

… and more!

Lilian Lumber

Ingram Bay Homes

Reedville Fishermen's Museum