Exhibits & Displays

2018 is our 30th year as a museum – and we have lots of new and reorganized displays and exhibits to entice, entertain and educate!

The Museum has re-opened for the 2018 season, and in celebration of its 30th anniversary, we’ve installed new exhibits and displays. We’ve also re-formatted and refreshed many of the older exhibits – all with the goal of helping visitors discover the village and our main industry – fishing.

Visit us this year and see the following:

  1.   A Chesapeake Pearl: Thirty Years at the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum, 1988-2018: wall time-line
  2.   The Circus Comes to Town: Miniature Ringling Brothers’ c1930s train set
  3.   KidsKorners, revised and added to – all hands-on activities
  4.   Build a Fish: Hands-on activity for kids of all ages – create your own fancy fish
  5.   Price Smith’s models – Helen of Tangiers and Wanda of Hampton
  6.   Kettle to Current; reformatted onto one wall
  7.   A Distant Storm: reimagined in the Frayne Gallery (WWI, WWII)
  8.   Bruce Catton’s c1930-40s carvings of German and American ships
  9.   Turbo and Walker (Ship’s pets); helping kids navigate the Museum
  10.   The Butler Boys: George P. Butler and George M. Butler’s wooden boats
  11.   The Rosenwald School Project: created by members of the JRS Foundation
  12.   The Product wall: Omega Protein has donated new products for this wall, which illuminates different ways menhaden fish oil and meal are encorporated into our daily lives
  13.   Butler Boats – a new semi-permanent display of Butler boats on the pavilion
  14.   The Krentz pilot house has been cleaned and re-set for the year
  15.   The Walker House is ready for spring!
  16.   … more to come!