2018 is our 30th ANNIVERSARY & the Year we Honor our Local Watermen!

2018 is a banner year – we’ve turned 30 years young!

In December of 1988 the Reedville Fishermen’s Museum opened in the William Walker House on Main Street, in Reedville. A small group of Founding Members, who we will highlight throughout the year, raised funds and awareness among their friends and neighbors to dedicate the tiny facility as a cultural, historic and educational facility honoring the life, work and influences of our local watermen.

During the last thirty years, the Museum has grown in terms of physical structures and influence – sited in numerous journals as “the best of…” a variety of catagories.  MANY local residents, watermen, and constituents around the Northern Neck have have given countless hours of their time and expertise to make the Museum the place to visit when venturing into the lower Chesapeake Bay and the Neck.

Over the next year we will be developing special displays, lectures, one-of-a-kind events, and educational programs that focus on where we’ve been – and where we’re going in the next 30 years!

Stay tuned…