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.Our Historic Fishing Fleet


The Reedville Fishermen’s Museum is very fortunate to have several unique boats at our docks along Cockrell’s Creek in Reedville, Virginia.

The Museum is honored to have two boats, the Elva C. and the Claud W. Somers, which are listed on the National Historic Register.  Additionally, the Foggy River, currently under restoration, is also at the dock.

On the Museum’s grounds, you’ll see the Spirit of 1608,” an authentic replica of the John Smith Barge used during his exploration of the Chesapeake Bay. Our newest addition in 2015, is the Spirit of Reedville, a fully restored aluminum purse boat from the 1980s. This boat was generously donated to the Museum by Omega Protein. The Museum has more than a dozen other smaller boats, many of which were built locally and whose varied styles reflect the different purposes they were designed for.

 Please come stop by the Museum the next time you’re in beautiful Reedville for a wonderful time learning about the boats that have plied the Chesapeake Bay for over 400 years. You can read more about each one of these boats on their own drop down web page on this website under “Our Fleet.”


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